Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nerd Love (Renaissance Fest) and Firework Fun

It's been a while so this is a mixture of the things that have been going on here over the past month!

Kyler and I are nerds...especially when it comes to all things medieval. We loved the Renaissance Fair that we went to back home and were really sad that we didn't think there was one here...but surprise! There was one in Atlanta for a couple of months, just 2 1/2 hours away from us. So of course, we had to go. My eyes lit up at the medieval buildings and corset dresses, and Kyler's lit up at the hundreds of various dragon souvenirs and turkey legs.

We watched a tankard being made from the very start...

And this lady do some things with those ribbons that would make any pole dancer green with envy.

The hubs, being extra manly in all his carnivorous glory.

I would not trust even Arnold Schwarzenegger to do this, but then again I don't weigh 85 pounds either.

Good stuff. I was dripping sweat the entire time. Here's to hoping our next duty station is...not in the South.

There was also an Armed Forces Day in downtown Augusta last month. They had a whole day of different events but I have the laziest soldier ever as a husband and it was all I could do to get him to take me to see the fireworks show. It was probably the best show I had ever seen. My camera couldn't get very good pictures of it, so it doesn't do it justice.

And if you feel inclined, I took a video of the fireworks also. It's about 17 minutes so feel free to skip to the end, which we all know is the best part.

After the show, we went to eat at a restaurant downtown called "Boll Weevil".

Yes, it is named after a bug. Yes, that thought lurked in the back of my head the entire time I was eating. The food was great though. I had some Jambalaya that was awesome. This restaurant is endorsed by the Southern Living Magazine and also by Paula Dean. Uh duh, the food is gonna be good. Approximately 5 times a normal daily caloric intake, but tasty nonetheless. Highly recommend this place to anyone in Augusta! It is downtown right by the Riverwalk. Their desserts are pretty famous also and from this picture you can probably tell why. They home make nearly all of them, and this huge slice was right around 4 bucks.

I have been trying to find at least a couple of things per month for us to do outdoors. There are actually a lot of things to do in the surrounding area here and I want us to experience as many of them as possible. It has been a great couple of months. Stay tuned tomorrow for my very first cookie creation, a Smores cookie!

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  1. haha that pic of your hubby is so funny, manly indeed ;-)