Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fail Blog Fails

Okay so I realize it's been approximately 3 months since I posted a blog...

Did I mention I got a job? Or that we had our 1st anniversary and went on an awesome trip? Or that I'm pregnant? No? I haven't blogged in 3 months? Oh, that's right...probably because of the job!

I got hired at Daylight Donuts here in Augusta on National Donut Day. Irony, right? I wake up at 4AM to go to work where I get to smell all of the sickly sweet donuts in my all day sickness glory....it is misery, but it's money.

Let's see, after my last post my In laws and my family came to visit. We basically could do nothing, because it was the middle of summer in Disgusta aka hell, and no one wanted to step outside of our apartment. Then was the 4th of July, which we spent having a cookout and going to the Riverwalk for some fireworks. It was a great fireworks show, that ended with a firework waterfall dropping off of a bridge...it was great.

August 8th was our 1 year anniversary and we took an amazing trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.

Kyler had a day devoted to his nerd love stuff (which, I'll be honest, I actually liked all of it too) and I had a day devoted to dolphin stuff. Sorta.

First thing we did on Kyler's day was go to a place called Broadway at the Beach, because it had a place called Magiquest.

Basically we were the only losers above age 12 that were in there without children. Yeah, we're cool. You pick a wand and then you are given this booklet and you have to go around finishing quests and finding things inside the castle, with your wand, which is interactive. It was pretty cool to flick a wand at a bucket of treasure and it would open. I'm sure I couldn't have just typed a nerdier paragraph if I tried, but oh well, here are some pictures to solidify it.

After that we continued the nerd fest at Medieval Times! It was a lot of fun. They give you messy food and no utensils, like tomato bisque, ribs, chicken, a potato wedge, and a pastry for dessert. You get to watch some seriously bad acting, but the horses do cool tricks, the sword fighting and jousting was neat to watch, and it's fun to boo at the bad guy when he comes and taunts your section.

(By the way...Kyler is too cool and manly to smile in any pictures...it looks like he hates life in all of them but I promise he is just too cool. haha.)

Here is my Strawberry Daqueri, which little did I know would be the last drink I would order for at least 9 months...

Here is me sipping said daqueri, while there was (unknown to me) an embryo preparing to wreak havoc in my belly...

And here is me unknowingly making the face that showcases how the embryo would make me feel for at least the next 3 months.

And here are some horses butts.

The next day was our 1 year anniversary! I can't think of a better way to start it off than by waking up on the beach and being able to go for a swim in the ocean. We started off the day by going to a "dolphin watch tour". Want to know why I call it the "dolphin watch tour" with quotations? Because this is what we saw the entire time.

Endless ocean, and not. a. single. dolphin. Add on top of that the fact that the Captain was an ex-military jerk who was rude to everyone and spent a big chunk of the time going off on a hippy, you're all worthless human beings for destroying the planet tangent, and I wasn't a happy camper. Don't get me wrong, I understand that we are really screwing things up, but honestly, when I paid you 50 bucks to take me to see some freakin dolphins and we don't see a single one and you are rude the whole time, I don't think the best idea is to lecture and complain at us about how we need to do our part. Just sayin'. Wrong time.

Not going to lie, as soon as we got in the car I started crying. I was so bummed. Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but I had really hyped this up in my head and been looking forward to it so bad, thinking I would finally see dolphins and actually be close to them. It was what I had been looking forward to the most on our trip, and I was just really let down and disappointed. Was it too early to blame the fetus for the emotional break down? Anyway, Kyler hugged me and I didn't want to ruin our anniversary so I got over it, and we had a great rest of the day.

We went to have lunch at a restaurant right on the beach, with a view of the beach from your table.

After lunch we went to Ripley's Aquarium. Which there isn't a whole lot to say about it, other than it's an aquarium. There was a really cool section about deadly sea creatures that we spent most of the time in. The rest of it was just kind of...small. But I like aquariums, so I enjoyed it.

We browsed back through Broadway at the Beach, had some overpriced fudge, and stopped in a huge candy store and loaded up on sweets for our drive back. We took a little detour (hour and a half) to Folly Beach to have Rita's for our anniversary dinner, and I am not at all ashamed. I am telling you, please, if you are in SC or anywhere near Folly Beach, please go to Rita's. Please! It's so good. I cannot rave enough about the fried shrimp and fries. This is one of the things I will miss about the South when we leave here. I would honestly be cool with driving 3 hours there and 3 hours back some random weekend if Kyler was game. It is that good.

After that we had to return home...sad panda :( It was a really great trip, and a perfect 1 year anniversary. Either I really like SC or I just really like their beaches, because I have loved both of our trips to Myrtle and Folly Beach.

Shortly after our trip Kyler and I had both of our 22nd birthdays. I made Kyler a kick-A dragon cake. No matter that it took me 4 hours and a ton of stress, because it turned out awesome.

Finally, that takes me to finding out I was pregnant. I was late, late for a very important date, so I took a test. I looked down immediately and there was only one line. I cleaned up and happened to look back down, and a second little line had popped up. We rushed to Wal Mart and the next day I took another..sure enough, 2 lines. I let one of the lovely Eisenhower workers poke me with a needle to confirm there was indeed a baby Colgrove in there.

I was pretty shocked and unprepared. This wasn't exactly planned. That being said, I think God knows when we are ready for things before we do, and if He thinks I am, well the big guy knows best. Whether planned or not, I already love the little booger so much and I am getting excited to meet them.

This is how we told our parents. I didn't just want to call and say "hey, I'm knocked up!" so I made frames for Kyler's parents and my mom and sent them.

The top section has a grandkids poem that I decorated, and the bottom says "we will have a picture to give you to put in this spot in about 7 months!". They were both thrilled and seemed to like the frames, so I was happy.

So, I plan on keeping up with this more, really, because I will definitely have a lot to talk about what with growing a human inside of me and all. I'm sure no one even made it to this point since it was 3 month's worth of stuff crammed into one post...sorry!


  1. What a cool way to tell the new "Grands"!!!

  2. Thanks :) I thought it was a cute way since we couldn't be there in person.