Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cooking PSA

Before I go to bed...this evening I made some chocolate covered strawberries. I looked up a recipe first because if I was just going by what I thought, I would just melt some chocolate and dip in the strawberries. The recipe I found said to use shortening but others said you could substitute butter for shortening.

So I waddle my happy pregnant butt downstairs, put the chocolate and some butter in a bowl, and microwave it. As soon as I took it out-uh oh...this is so wrong. I thought maybe heating it some more would help. Nope. I was just left with a bowl full of ruined chocolate that was so thick you couldn't even stir it.

Then I decide maybe I didn't heat it for long enough the first time and that it's a good idea to get a new bowl, new chocolate, new butter, and try again....not a good idea.

Finally I wondered if it was the butter. I melted some chocolate by itself and sure enough, 2 dirty bowls full of wasted chocolate later, I got my chocolate covered strawberries. My PSA for the day? Don't microwave butter and chocolate.


  1. Ha... good to know. I've seen containers in the grocery store that have the chocolate already to heat up with instructions.. fool proof (at least I hope, haha)

    Love the new look of your blog! :-)

  2. Yeah next time I think that's the route I will be going :P I wasted about 2 bags of chocolate chips haha. I just kept thinking what the heck?! I don't know why, but it totally was not working.

    And thank ya much :)