Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This is my 1st What I'm Loving Wednesday, yay! I am a pessimist at heart, it's true. Woe is me, and I have cursed Murphey many a time. I'm working on it. I will take any swift kicks in the butt encouraging positivity, so here goes!

I am loving...

Cute clothes for Keira with cupcakes on them. Really any dessert, but particularly cupcakes. I also love ones that have to do with daddy, so I squealed when I saw this one.

Nutella. So. Good. I've been putting it on banana bread, toast, bagels, and even in my oatmeal. It's basically a breakfast staple.
Drop Dead Diva. I will admit that when I first saw previews for this show I scoffed at it and knew I was too intelligent to like a show whose premise is about a ditzy model who died and "pressed the return button" and got sent back into a size 16's body. But the hubs works long hours and one evening I felt like a totally stereotypical girl show. I love it. It is my guilty pleasure. And is anyone else mad at Grayson?? LAME!
Finally, I am loving my little family. Kyler has been in combatives class the past 2 weeks and he's been able to come home for lunch, and have a normal 8 hour work day as opposed to the 14 hour days + no lunch we are used to. It has been great having him home more often. I am loving my baby girl, whose gummy smile melts my heart.


  1. I watched like half the first season of Drop Dead Diva and LOVED it. I need to go back and start watching again. The new baby clothes are adorable!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. my daughters name is Keira too! Gotta love carter's

  3. I have that cute little outfit for Saige!!! That top will last you forever if she grows anything like Saige did!

    I love carters clothes, never tried Nutella though. Oh, & I'm glad Kyler is on a normal person work schedule!

  4. You should, Jane! I finished 2 seasons in like a week lol, it sucked me in.

    Awesome :) People look at me like I'm crazy when I say her name, I don't get it lol.

    She is growing pretty averagely Maloree, I think she'll be in 3-6 month clothes right around 3 months. She might be a bit on the small side though. I hope it lasts, I love it :) Kyler's normal person schedule is over now unfortunately. But it was really nice while it lasted :)