Thursday, March 11, 2010

Operation fat loss, take two.

I fail. I remember posting a blog about a month and a half ago about how I was dieting, saying sayonara to the fat once again, but to be honest I'm pretty sure I didn't even make it a day this time.

I am a huge excuse maker when it comes to diet. Let's be real here, food is great. What's sad is, I actually really like a lot of healthy food. But I have a devil of a sweet tooth, and I like unhealthy food more. So I find any excuse I can to prolong a diet. "But Valentine's Day is 2 weeks from now, and I have to be able to have the chocolate you buy me and the dinner you take me out to, so I'll start after that". "But, we're having a party next weekend and I'm making red velvet cake from scratch and I'd really like a piece of that, so I will start after that". "But...I like food." I have made excuses long enough, I suppose. I want to live past 40 and I want my husband to live longer as well, which is a hard task set before me because he is a fan of pizza, fast food, and all things artificial.

So yes...I'm trying again. Yes, I expect a month from now to be sick of it and revert back to my old ways. I'm not kidding myself and saying "it's gonna happen this time!". But, I am trying.

Monday I started Slim Fast again. I have a "shake" for breakfast and lunch, 3 snacks a day, and dinner. This upcoming week I am making recipes I've found from healthy sections of websites, that I thought I could get Kyler to eat. I will share some if they turn out well. I am also doing "PT" the same time as Kyler. I am aiming for exercise at least 5 days a week. Every day he has to go in and do PT, so I either go with him and walk 4 miles on a track outside, or stay home and do an exercise video. Turbojam is my main video of choice. It is killer, but effective. I kind of want to smack the woman in the face when she says, "I bet you don't even notice you're exercising!" because let me tell you, I notice.

I will probably try to update for myself on here every week, to hold myself accountable and help keep me on track. I want to feel good and not sick to my stomach all the time. I want to be happy to wear anything. I want to have energy to be a better person and wife. If anyone else wants to give it a go just let me know and we can be accountable buddies!

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