Friday, September 2, 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

I have seen this going around a few blogs, so...I don't exactly know who to credit this to. But it's a quick, easy, way to make a blog post that doesn't include thought (from me, anyway). Miss attached-to-my-hip, otherwise known as my daughter Keira, is consuming about 98% of my time right now. I'm perfectly fine with that :) But I thought I would explain the possibly 1 person who is reading this.

So anyway, today: Ten secrets. And these are ACTUALLY going to be, total embarrassment, you can make fun of me for life, secrets...but isn't that what secrets are?

1. I used to be this really introverted, shy, never want to go anywhere type of girl (I'm talking when I was about 13) and I had online boyfriends. I know, I know...leave me alone.

2. I am totally hetero, but I think Kate Beckinsale is hot.

3. I have the grossest feet. I realize I'm not being super kind to myself but don't secrets about yourself usually suck? Anyway, they are gross. I sweat really easily, and I actually go walking and do housework so they aren't girly feet at all. Also they are really wide, and it's super hard for me to find a pair of shoes that don't leave my little toe blistered.

4. I am a hypochondriac of the biggest sort. Some people already know this, but it extends even further than most know. I would say on a daily basis there's some disease or super crappy thing I hear about/think of and convince myself I or someone I love has it. Okay maybe not EVERY day, but seriously. To give you an idea I had convinced myself we wouldn't be able to have babies because I thought I had PCOS. And thus, Keira was born :P

5. I am absolutely terrified of the dark. I am SUCH a baby and I have no idea where it came from. I used to watch the Exorcist and laugh when I was like 13. So I hate the fact that the hubs has a job where he leaves the house by 5AM when he's on days, OR is gone all night on mids. If I wake up in the middle of the night I will keep opening my eyes to make sure there are no ghosties. I know it's ridiculous...I'm not scared of real people. That would be too logical.

6. I am addicted to sweets, which I am currently trying to break that habit. I could probably eat a package of cookies in one sitting, by myself, and not bat an eye.

7. I am clingy, and I love that my husband has stuck with me and actually asked me to marry him knowing that. I was such a huge baby when he was gone at basic.

8. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough with my life. But then I dance around with Keira and see her big, happy smile and I know that she will only be little for so long. Everything else will still be there 5 years from now, but her childhood won't.

9. I'm a total nerd. I play computer games with my husband, I know what a golden snitch is, I've fangirled over Twilight and made a whole bath tub full of spaghetti to win an advanced copy of a book.

10. Okay, it is really hard to think of 10 secrets! I weigh a lot more than people tend to think. Working on it :P

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  1. Hahaha these are hysterical! And I can so relate to a few of them. I totally have ugly feet too. I actually like all my toes, except my big toe. My big toe is like a man toe. Seriously, it is bigger than some men's toes. Gross. lol