Monday, February 1, 2010

Cue the depressing funeral music...

My diet day is here. Dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. :(. Like I said in my last post there are stakes to this diet. I am in a race to win 10 lbs the fastest. If I don't, I hand over access to my Facebook statuses. For 1 week. To a person who likes to tell people I am preggers, baking a bun, etc when I am most def not. I neeeeed to win this.

I lost a ton of weight while Kyler was at basic. Somewhere between 15-20 lbs. I tossed those 15 lbs of pure fat off of me in 2 months and said sayonara fat! I have lately stepped on the scale and heard "Hola...I am back." I'm not sure why my fat uses Spanish greetings, but the point is, lots of it is back. You know how the stereotype is that when a girl is mourning or sad or missing her beau, she eats an entire gallon of ice cream and anything else that is edible that happens to come into her line of sight? I am the opposite of that. When I am sad, I lose any bit of my appetite. Clearly I'm a generally happy person, right? ;) When I am happy is when I feel like eating, and I have been very happy to see my husband.

But I really need to lose this weight. I want to be totally happy with how I look and not just for vanity, I want to feel better, too. So, I am going to weigh in once a week. My sad, sad weight will be hidden from the general public. Nobody needs to know that number, but the number of pounds lost will suffice. So for the next however long, I'll be eating plenty of this...

And this...

So I can look like this.

.......only with bigger tata's.

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